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Is it Jam or Jelly, Presrve or Conserve ?

How often do you find yourself confused in a grocery store when you go to buy jam and find so many fruit products like jelly, preserves, conserves or marmalade. Exactly, this is what happened to me on my recent trip to Bristol Farms.  They all look the same, up to an extent....they all have fruit and sugar, right? The difference is in the way they are prepared, the proportions of different ingredients  and method of cooking.

Jelly is clear and holds its shape when turned out of the jar.
Jam is made from crushed fruits. It is thick and can be spread. It is less firm than jelly.

Preserves are small tender and plump fruit pieces cooked in slightly gelled syrup.
Conserves are like jam and may be made with a combination of fruits and nuts, raisins etc.
Marmalades are like soft jellies containing fruit or peel suspended in the transparent jelly.

Fruit butters are made by cooking fruit pulp with sugar to a thick consistency.
Syrups are made by cooking fruit juice or pulp to the consistency of h…