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Ricotta Cheese - Mint Flat Bread (Pudina ka Paratha)

Filling Ricotta cheese - 1 tub
Mint leaves - 1-1.5 cup
Turmeric powder - 1 tsp
Corriander powder - 1.5 tsp
Garam masala - 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Green chillies, chopped - 3-4
Amchur powder (dry mango powder)- 1 tsp, optional
Dough Whole wheat flour  - 3 cups
Water - 1 cup or as needed

Method: Prepare dough by mixing flour and water and knead with hands to get soft, pliable dough. It should not be very sticky, otherwise add more flour. Leave the dough covered at room temperature for 30 minutesMix every thing in the filling section. Adjust seasoning to adjust taste.Divide the dough into small balls approximately 12 in numberRoll one ball at a time into a small circle. Fill 1-2 tbsp of filling mixture and seal the edges of the ball. Dust the ball with flour and roll it gently to form disc (It is very likely it going to tear will rolling. It is OK if this happens, parathas will still taste good :))Toast on hot griddle with vegetable oil or ghee and serve hot with chutney !