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Eggless Frosting for Cakes

I have been baking cakes for pretty long time now, however never dared to frost them until I took Wilton cake decoration class. I only took first course and feel its enough for me to frost day to day cakes. The class teaches to make 3D roses, borders, writing, 3D clown, and lot more. 
The only thing I did not like was the frosting. Wilton uses buttercream frosting in three different consistencies; thin for covering the cake, medium for shells, sweet pea designs and stiff for 3D figures. For some reason, my family didn't like the texture and taste of the frosting. We found it too sugary and gritty. I could never eat this frosting in my life.
I was little disappointed after the class as I thought I would not be able to decorate cakes for my dear ones on their special days...I started looking for other options and found the recipe below. Love this frosting. The texture and flavor is just from heaven :)) The only problem I see is,  it needs to be refrigerated at all times and not sur…