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Rasogulla [Cheese Balls in Sugar Syrup]

This is one of my mooost favorite sweet dishes from India. I have been trying for very long to get the right texture and somehow got it this time. I made few changes like adding ice to the curdled milk and used a food processor to knead paneer. This time Rasogullas were awesome !! the texture, the taste and the shape were just like the ones we get from the store.

Cows Milk - 1/2 Gallon [8 Cups]
White Vinegar -  almost 1/4 Cup
Water - 5 Cups
Sugar - 2.5 Cups
Rose water - few drops 

Prepare Paneer for Rasogulla

Boil milk and take it off the stove, curdle it by adding white vinegar just enough to allow the solids to separate leaving behind greenish water. Soon pour one tray of ice [to stop the reaction] and strain through cheese cloth. Rinse the curd with cold water and squeeze excess water [this is very important].

Preparation of Rasogullas ! Knead paneer with your hands or a food processor. Proper kneading is very important to develop texture. Lot of people can do a good job u…