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Shimla mirch aur alloo sabzi [Potato bell pepper fry]

Back home I used to love bell peppers [aka capsicum, shimla mirch] and for some reason don't enjoy eating it here in the US. Being a vegetarian, its not a good idea to be choosy with limited vegetables available here :)) So I decided to cook a regular bell pepper and potato curry with a twist.....and my secret ingredient is MDH Paav Bhaji Masala [you can get in any Indian store ]. Trust me, Paav bhaji masala adds an extra zing to the sabzi and now its one of my favorites !! I hope you all gonna enjoy this one....


Potato - 2 medium
Bell pepper [Capsicum] - 2 medium
Onion- 1 big
Mustard seeds [rai] - 1tbsp
Turmeric - 1.5 tsp
*Paav Bhaji masala - 2tbsp
Corriander/Cilantro Powder [dhania] - 1.5tsp
Salt - according to taste
Green Chillie - 1 chopped

  1. Boil potato, make sure you don't over boil them, else they will be mushy
  2. Chop onions [slightly bigger pieces, it adds taste to the subzi (curry)]
  3. Chop bell peppers [not too big nor too small]
  4. Heat oil, add mustard seeds and let it splutter [the seeds may start to pop out of the pan and get into your eyes, I cover it with a lid]
  5. Add onion and green chillies and cook until onions turn pink [you can add some salt to prevent them from burning]
  6. Now add chopped bell peppers and cook on low heat till the bell peppers loose rawness [I think its a very important step, else the curry doesn't taste that great]
  7. Add all the spices, including salt and immediately add chopped boiled potato
  8. Give a nice stir and cover the pan and cook on medium-low heat, keep stirring in between to avoid contents from getting stuck to the bottom of the pan
  9. Let the potatoes absorb the spices and you are done!
  10. It makes a nice side dish.
  11. It also makes a nice filling for bread sandwich

* I prefer MDH brand. I have tried Badshah Brand, not very happy with the taste


kittymatti said…
wow! Renu, this recipe and pic look so good. I just made a similar dish 2 days back, will post it next week...good click!
looks easy!!!!!!!!!
Smitha said…
simple and easy recipe. Will come in handy on lazy days:)
Pooja said…
Wow looks spicy n yummy Renu :) And easy to prepare too!
Sweta said…
I love this combo-always turns out great!
Vidhya said…
its really tempting Renu.. I love bell pepper too...
Pooja said…
I too make this curry renu adding pav bhaji masala sounds new to me..looking yumm..
Priya said…
Looks delicious and easy!
Parita said…
Love the sabji..i love mdh masalas too...deghi mirchi is my fav :)
srikars kitchen said…
First time here.. nice blog & great recipes.. sabzi looks great & nice entry..
Usha said…
The curry looks wonderful and I loved the idea of adding pav bhaji masala to the curry :-)
Pavithra said…
Thats looking fantastic.,..First time here loved all the recipes and wheat flour ladoo i have book marked it its bit variated what we usually do like adding condensed milk .. sure it taste good lovely post. visit regularly
Prathibha said…
Adding pav bhaji masala to the curry is a good idea....yummy
Renu said…
Thx Kittymatti, Sailaja, Smitha
Renu said…
Thx pooja, sweta, Vidhya for visiting my blog
Renu said…
yes Pooja try adding Paav bhaji masala, it tastes good
Renu said…
thx Priya and Parita
Renu said…
welcome Srikar.....thx for the nice words
Renu said…
@Usha : do give a try, it comes out good

@Pavithra: welcome to my blog

@Pratibha: try it out you will like it
Very nice recipe, the pav bhaji masala is good tip. Should try one.
Ammu said…
Nice click. Cute blog. Wonderful dish. Wht more to say. Superb.
Priti said…
Looks so gud..mouth watering
wow Aloo aur mirchi are a great combo the flavors and the colors I can imagine how good it would have been with rotis!!!
Nice dish and neatly presented blog. Ur blog is interesting. :) I am new to the kitchen and found ur blog interesting.. keep it going..:)Do take a look at my blog when u find time.. :)
Varunavi said…
Simple and tasty recipe.I make the same way minus MDH masala
Varunavi said…
Simple and tasty recipe.I make the same way minus MDH masala
Subhie Arun said…
wow...pic look too prefect..grt clcik n ..yummy too
Divya Vikram said…
Looks delicious! Great idea of using pav bhaji masala
ARUNA said…
simple gorgeous recipe!
Anonymous said…
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Take care,
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zlamushka said…
MDH brand of any spice combo is the best. i think i buy exclusively from them :-) nice recipe, thanks for inspiration.
Kalai said…
Quick and spicy sabzi.Looks yummy.
Nithya Praveen said…
Wow ...first time here..u have a nice blog out here.Anything with bell peppers am in for it...yummy:-P.I dont prefer badshaah too,prefer everest n mdh.Have u tried the kitchen king masala??? it is really good...adds a zing to any north indian curry/gravy:-)
Renu said…
thamk you Varunavi, a2zvegetarian cuisine and priti
Renu said…
yes, Ramya I love them rotis as well as nice crisp plain parathas!
Renu said…
Thx to all for visiting my blog....and it seems like most of you also like MDH!! yes, I use kitchen king in most of my curries, it does add the zing!
Suparna said…
hi great one :) love aloo in any dish and combi, c u often :)
loved ur blog
Rachel said…
They look so perfectly done...
Anonymous said…
badshah is much better but i cant find it now so stuck with mdh or shan
Anonymous said…
i tried it n it was yummy...i used home made masala instead of MDH/BADSHAAH n also added some garlic/ginger paste.

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