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Aatta ka Laddu [whole wheat flour sweet balls]

I started out as making "Sukhadi" also known as "Gur Papdi" but ended up making laddos. I followed the recipes written on various blogs, however, didn't get the burfi like consistency, guess should have added more ghee, anyways, these laddos just taste great!!!

Whole wheat flour = 1 cup
Shudh Ghee = 1/2 cup
Powdered Gur[Jaggery] = 1/2 cup
Powdered cardamon powder = 1tsp
Condensed milk = 1/2 cup [you can change this quantity]
Nut mix = 1/2 cup [cashew and walnut]

Warm the ghee in a pan and slowly add the whole wheat flourKeep stirring till the mixture becomes golden color
Turn off the gas and add the powdered gur, cardamon powder, nut mix and *condensed milkMix it properly and quickly start making them into small ballsLet cool and store in a air-tight containerNotes:
* I made condensed milk at home, just boil milk till it thickens and add it to the ladoo mixSince this preparation has milk, the shelf is not long, therefore I keep it in the refrig…

Gajar ki Kheer [Carrot pudding]

Gajar ki kheer is a healthier substitute for gajar-ka-halwa lovers as its low in fat and sugar and still you get the taste of halwa!!! Also, it saves your time in cooking, just put it on the stove along with other dishes and you'll never know when its done!


* Carrots [gajar] - 2 in number
* Cashew nuts - 1/4th cup
* Whole milk - 5 cups
* Cardamon powder - 1tsp
* Sugar - according to your taste
* Ghee - 1tbsp
* Almond slices


1. grate carrots and keep aside
2. soak cashews in milk or water [optional, I didn't do this for this preparation]
3. Boil milk in a pan till the contents reduce to nearly half
4. while the milk is boiling saute' carrots and soaked cashews [or the raw cashews] in ghee and allow the mixture to cool [saute' till you loose the rawness of carrots]
5. now coarsely grind carrot/cashew mixture with some milk [if you want you can skip this step, it will not affect the taste]
6. add this mixture to the boiling milk [you don't have to wait to reduce…